For many years, we have proudly served our commuters in Louisiana. We transport passengers, Monday thru Friday, from Mandeville across the Causeway to the Southshore where they arrive early to work. Following their full day at work, like clockwork, we pick them up and return them stress free.

Benefit: Free Time

We are like your very own daily limousine service, but on a comfortable luxury bus. You benefit from your Free Time instead of your Drive Time. You get to think inside the bus: work, text, sleep, dream or listen to your favorite music – precious time that allows you to catch up and keep up with life.

Going the Extra Mile

We pride ourselves on “going the extra mile” for our commuter customers. We deliver you to work on time, saving you time, money and parking hassles. Pelican Bus is the Northshore commuter’s #1 Bus Choice in Louisiana.

Pelican Goes The Extra Mile. TM

Rates: Monthly $280 | Weekly rate $105 | Daily rate $40  

Pelican Bus operates a weekday commuter service from the North Shore to New Orleans Central Business District.

We currently have one scheduled round-trip bus per day.

First North Shore stop is on Koop Drive at the St. Tammany Parish Government Koop Drive Complex off Highway 59 just North of I-12.
Departure: 5:20am (sharp)

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Second stop on the North Shore is at the Mandeville Trailhead Park and Ride Facility.
Departure: 5:35am (sharp)

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  • Overhead storage is available if you need to stow your stuff. Incidentally, if you need to bring anything big, like a bike etc. the driver can help you stow it in the “downstairs” bins.
  • If you must use your cell phone, please limit calls to a few minutes. Our commuters appreciate a quiet ride to and from New Orleans.
  • The bus is equipped w/ a toilet…but it’s rarely used.
  • Update your e-mail and phone number if it has changed. When we determine that someone is no longer riding the bus, we delete their contact information from our customer database. So, if you’re a new passenger or someone who has returned, please send us your email so that we may contact you if necessary.
  • If we don’t receive payment by the 5th working day of the month and you haven’t notified us that your payment will be delayed, we’ll assume that you’re no longer riding and will remove your contact information from our records.
  • Monthly rate is $280. Parking at Koop Drive and at the Mandeville Trail Head Park n Ride is free. We ask passengers who ride on a daily or weekly basis to write the dates they ride in the memo section of their check or attach a note. We maintain a database of passenger email so make sure you give us your email address.
  • Government employees pay $275 via Paypal and we accept government issued Go Cards. Present your transit card to the driver and he’ll process your payment.
  • Bus stops in New Orleans are all in CBD and are as needed. Generally, all passengers exit bus before 6:25am. Bus departs One Shell Square at 4:20pm Monday thru Thursday and one hour earlier (at 3:20pm ) on Friday. Other stops are shortly before and after 4:20pm.
  • PELICAN BUS COMMUTER SERVICE OBSERVES THE FOLLOWING HOLIDAYS: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, Lundi Gras, Mardi Gras, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.

Drawing of Jackson Square